Sushardi Sushardi, Bayu Agung Nugroho


Indonesia is very famous for its bamboo and in the world, the best bamboo from Indonesia. Bamboo has been used as an important material for various applications in Indonesia and many countries. This study aims to determine the potential and technology for the utilization of bamboo in Sita Village, Ranamese District, East Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. The study uses primary data with questionnaire techniques and direct observation. Bamboo potential data includes diversity of species grouped into 3 clump classes namely small, medium and large, the level of spread and percentage of young bamboo. Respondent characteristic data were analyzed by tabulating the frequency and percentage distribution, bamboo potential by tabulation, then described.The results showed that the types of bamboo plants found in Sita Ranamese East Manggarai Village were Betung (Dendrocalamus asper Backer) with a potential of 363 clumps and 12,439 stems. The highest distribution of bamboo species (86.91%) was found in old bamboo species. The highest percentage (10.70%) of young bamboo is found in moderate clumps. The technology of using bamboo as food material (bamboo shoots), building materials, living fences, craft materials and firewood. Bamboo marketing is generally done by displaying it in front of the house.


Keywords: Bamboo, potential, utilization technology

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